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The title of church music director (KMD for short) is awarded by the leadership of the Protestant regional churches or the Catholic dioceses to (usually full-time) church musicians for certain management tasks within church music work or as an appreciation for longstanding outstanding achievements in the field of church music . Depending on the regional church or diocese, it is either a service title or an honorary title.

Regional and denominational peculiarities

In the Diocese of Limburg , the award of the title is tied to special tasks and functions such as bell expert , organ expert (also organ maintenance ) or head of the church music department. In many Lutheran regional churches, "church music director" is a service title for the leading church musician of a church district. In the Evangelical State Church of Württemberg , the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia and some other Protestant regional churches, it is a purely honorary title; no increased financial remuneration or other privileges are associated with the appointment. The regional bishop issues the certificate . In Württemberg, the title is usually awarded on the Sunday cantata .

Further differentiations in executive offices

The leading church musicians a Protestant church is usually called regional church music director (abbreviated LKMD), depending on the church and the country Kantor or regional church music waiting . He has the technical supervision of all cantors and bears a special responsibility for the church music happening within the church. To this end, he maintains close contact with the district cantors (also called district cantors in some regional churches) and is their professional contact. He is usually present at the final church music exams ( A, B and C exams ). He also maintains contact with the church music training centers ( music colleges and church music colleges ). He has a special responsibility in the preparation and maintenance of church hymn books . His grade is A 13 or A 14.

In some Catholic dioceses and regional churches, the heads of the offices or departments for church music also hold the title of diocesan church music director (DKMD) or diocesan music director (DMD).

Dealing with the title

The title can appear in front of the name as a professional title or honorary title (for example when naming at concerts) (for example: KMD NN).

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