Klaus Haecker

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Klaus Häcker (born June 30, 1941 in Altlandsberg ) is a former German handball player and coach.


Häcker played actively handball on the large field and in the hall from 1949 to 2001. In 1955 he was district champion in art cycling . In 1955/56 he was GDR selection player of the B-Jugend, was 1957 Berlin champion with Lok Lichtenberg and played at ASG Vorwärts Karpin during his military service from 1964 to 1965 in the GDR upper league as a player-coach . He was a performance base trainer for ASG Vorwärts Strausberg from 1970 to 1992 and regional selection trainer for Frankfurt / Oder from 1970 to 1990. During this time, he delegated 28 girls and 15 boys to the children's and youth sports school in Frankfurt / Oder. These included five later GDR and German champions, three European Cup winners and national players. He is the holder of the DTSB badge of honor of the DTSB and DHV in bronze, silver and gold as well as the badge of honor of the handball association Brandenburg in gold. Since 1999 he has been the trainer of the Fredersdorf unicycle troop in the popular sports department at KSB MOL e. V., with whom he set up the world's largest mill on a unicycle in 2007, although the Guinness Book of Records refused to enter it. Even today he works very successfully as a handball trainer in the junior division in Fredersdorf near Berlin .


  • 1970 Gold at the Pioneer Cup in Weißwasser with Hans-Georg Beyer
  • 1985 Bronze at the Spartakiade with the age group 13 female
  • 1988 Gold at the DHV Cup with the AK 12 female
  • 1989 Gold at the GDR Spartakiade with the AK 13 female
  • 2006 badge of honor of the LSB Brandenburg in gold