Small and fragmentary historians of late antiquity

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Small and fragmentary historians of late antiquity (abbreviation KFHist ) is a source edition of late antique historical works.

It is a long-term project supervised by the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts , which will run for 15 years (2012–2026) and will be funded with a total of € 3 million. It is located at the University of Düsseldorf . Within the scope of this project, several texts that have so far been inadequately edited with a German translation, an introduction and a philological-historical commentary are to be published. As a working office managers act Bruno Bleckmann and Markus Stein , the volumes appear in the publisher Ferdinand Schöningh .

The collection of sources should include a total of almost 90 authors or anonymous works; the period ranges from the time of the imperial crisis of the 3rd century to the 6th century. In this context, the entire spectrum of late antique historiography is covered: both Christian and pagan authors, (smaller) works that have been preserved in full or only in fragments, but also reconstructable historical works (such as Enmann's Imperial History ) are taken into account.

The first volume with the fragments of the church history of Philostorgios was published at the end of 2015 and received positive reviews. The scientific reception of the following volumes has also been very positive so far.


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