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A command center is a building, room, tent or other specially set up location which is used to centrally control and coordinate military and / or technical processes.

In the military sense, the command center is the headquarters . In warships one speaks of an operations center .


War room in Lübeck
  • Cabinet War Rooms , the secret underground command center of British warfare during World War II.
  • Mission Control Center - the command center of the US space flight
  • Command vehicle 3 - mobile command center of the German disaster control units
  • Situation centers as an organizational unit of an authority
  • Prenden - underground command center " Object 5001 " of the National Defense Council of the GDR
  • War room in Lübeck's town hall - the two councilors, known as “warlords”, who had the military affairs of the Free Imperial City under their control in the Lübeck council, had met here since the second half of the 17th century .

Also in films like Dr. Strange or: How I learned to love the bomb and WarGames - War games command centers are represented as War Rooms : a large hall with oversized screens and a large round table or several consoles.

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