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Komusubi ( Japanese 小結 ) is the fourth highest rank in sumo . The komusubi is the fourth and thus lowest sanyaku rank.

If a komusubi cuts off with kachi-koshi (more wins than losses in a tournament), he either remains komusubi or is promoted to sekiwake . If he cuts off with Make Koshi (more defeats than victories), the komusubi is usually downgraded to maegashira . In a tight make-koshi (7 wins to 8 losses) the wrestler will not be relegated under certain circumstances, which happened four times between World War II and 2009.

There are at least two komusubis at any one time. With certain constellations of the ranking there are also three or four komusubis as an exception. Generally, this is the case when a maegashira scores at least 11 wins. Then an additional Komusubiplatz is usually opened.