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Crab basket, type "pirate"
Way of the crab in the basket

The crab basket (also known as crayfish trap ) is a device made of mesh or plastic for catching crayfish , lobsters or crabs . Crayfish baskets are a very old way of catching crabs.

In general, there are two different forms of crab basket: the plastic basket and the mesh basket. Both work on the same principle. However, the net basket is usually more practical because it can be folded up.

In the crab basket there is a bait needle attached to the top or a bait bag or a bait basket that can be filled with attractants. The crab locates the odor and is guided to the basket. In order to get into the basket, however, he must first go via the upward sloping entrance to the basket. He cannot reach the bait because it falls into the lower part beforehand. Since crabs cannot swim and the entrance is sloping up to one side, they are trapped.

Alternative method

Another way to catch crabs is the so-called crayfish plate , which is extremely easy to use. The crab plate on which a bait is placed is lowered to the bottom. After a while you quickly pull it out of the water, and with a bit of luck you'll find crabs on it.

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