Croatian mountain lizard

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Croatian mountain lizard
Benny Trapp Croatian mountain lizard Iberolacerta horvathi.jpg

Croatian mountain lizard ( Iberolacerta horvathi )

Superordinate : Scale lizards (Lepidosauria)
Order : Scale reptiles (Squamata)
Family : Real lizards (Lacertidae)
Subfamily : Lacertinae
Genre : Iberolacerta
Type : Croatian mountain lizard
Scientific name
Iberolacerta horvathi
( Mehely , 1904)

The Croatian mountain lizard ( Iberolacerta horvathi; former name: Lacerta horvathi ) is a graceful and moderately flattened lizard with a short, pointed head. The back scales are keeled. The tail reaches about twice the length of the head and trunk. The top of the head, trunk and tail is light gray-brown; the flanks are clearly darker. The underside is whitish to yellowish and spotless. This species grows up to 18 cm.

The Croatian mountain lizard lives in humid areas in the mountains from 400  m to 1900  m and occurs in disjoint populations in northern Italy , southern Austria , northwestern Slovenia and in a small part of the Karwendel in Germany. The latter occurrence, which was only described in 1990, is considered unlikely and could not be detected again.
The large distance of the Karwendel to the known distribution area of ​​this species as well as the lack of new records suggest that the animals were abandoned.


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