Scale lizards

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Scale lizards
Zebra-tailed iguana (Callisaurus draconoides)

Zebra-tailed lizard ( Callisaurus draconoides )

Row : Land vertebrates (Tetrapoda)
without rank: Amniotes (Amniota)
without rank: Sauropsida
Subclass : Diapsida
without rank: Lepidosauromorpha
Superordinate : Scale lizards
Scientific name
Duméril & Bibron , 1839

The order of the scale lizards (Lepidosauria) belongs to the reptiles . It comprises only two sub- taxa , the squamous reptiles (Squamata) with over 9900 species and the sphenodontia with only one recent species. Together with a number of fossil animal groups, especially the marine reptiles known as Sauropterygia , they are grouped together to form the Lepidosauromorpha .


The scale lizards belong to the reptiles with a diapsid skull . Compared to other recent reptile groups such as the turtles and the crocodiles , they are characterized by many common features ( apomorphies ). Above all, this includes the cross-standing cloaca , through whose development the unpaired penis of the males, which is present in the basic pattern of the amniota, was probably lost. In addition, the scale lizards have a split tongue and have a reduction in the pro-atlas and the xiphisternum . Another essential feature is the regular shedding of the entire integument . A total of 48 characters are given that confirm this taxon as monophyletic .


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  1. Species Numbers (August 2015) in The Reptile Database

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