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Parabolic cluster bundles in and tufts in

A family of curves , also a family of functions , a family of functions or a parameter function , is a set of different curves whose mapping rules differ in at least one parameter . Special cases are the tuft , a one-parameter group, and the bundle , a group with a point common to all functions.


The family is a set of points on a curve, curves on a surface or surfaces in space , each of which is described by an equation or a system of equations with variable parameters.

According to another definition , a family of curves results from the graph of a function, in which a free parameter of the relevant function is varied in a parametric representation .

Dynamic geometry systems are particularly suitable for visualizing functional groups .

special cases

  • If all the diagrams of the family of functions are straight lines , one speaks of a family of straight lines.
    • If the individual straight lines also run parallel, they are called a set of parallels .
    • If all the straight lines involved intersect at one point, it is a straight line bundle .
    • If all the straight lines involved both intersect at a point and lie in a plane , it is a straight line bundle .
  • If all curves of the family are parabolas , one speaks of a parabola family.


  • all curves of the family of curves belonging to the function run parallel to the axis (straight line). The parameter of this family of curves is .
  • all curves of the family belonging to the function are parabolas through the coordinate origin (see illustration). The parameter is .
  • all curves of the family belonging to the relation are concentric circles . The parameter is here .


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