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Kven language institute in the municipality of Porsanger

The Kven language (kvenisch: kvääni , norwegian : kvensk språk ) is a Baltic Finnish language used by the Kven is spoken, the descendants of Finnish immigrants in northern Norway . After intensive discussions in Norway , Kvenish has been recognized as its own language since April 2005 . The "Day of the Kven People" (Kven: kväänikansan päivä , Norwegian : kvenfolkets dag ) is celebrated in Norway and Sweden on March 16.

More than 10,000 people in Troms og Finnmark say they speak Kven and / or Finnish . However, the number of people who can read or write Kven is significantly lower.

Kvenisch is closely related to Meänkieli in Sweden and to northern Finnish dialects. There are, however, major differences in vocabulary and sometimes also in grammar compared to Finnish, as the Kven dialects developed over a long period of time independently of the language development in Finland . Not all of the 15 cases of Finnish are used in the Kven language. At the same time, in Kven, in contrast to Finnish, there are more old loanwords from Swedish and new ones from Norwegian, especially those that were not in the Kven vocabulary when the Kven settled on the coast.

In 2007 a Kven language council was founded with the " Kven Institute " in Porsanger in Troms og Finnmark . As an advisory body, the first step is to develop guidelines for a new written language and collect evidence of the various Kven dialects. In 2017, an almost 500-page standard work for the Kven language, written by Eira Söderholm and edited by the Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm, was published, which is distributed, among other things, on the website of the Kven Institute .

As one of the first official websites in Norway, the internet weather service yr.no has been offering information in Kven language since February 9, 2010.

Norwegian loanwords
Finnish Kvenish Norwegian German
hakemus sööknaadi søknad Application, application
hallitus rejeerinki regjering government
ministerial departmentti department Ministry
säätiedotus väärmellinki værmelding Weather report

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