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Lívia Gyarmathy (born January 8, 1932 in Budapest , Hungary ) is a Hungarian film director and screenwriter .

life and work

Lívia Gyarmathy was born in Budapest in 1932, first studied literature and later mechanical engineering, but broke off both studies in favor of a job as a chemist before she enrolled again in 1961 for studies at the Budapest University of Theater and Film, specializing in directing. Together with her fellow students Pál Sándor and Sándor Simó , she obtained a diploma in 1964.

Gyarmathy first made documentaries , such as the award-winning film Message to Conscience in 1967 , but later also full-length feature films, some of which were also awarded. For her feature film debut, Do you know Sunday-Monday? (1968), she wrote the script together with her husband Géza Böszörményi . Some of her works have also been shown in Germany, such as wait a minute! (1973) and A Shabby Funeral (1979).

Filmography (selection)

  • 1964: 58 seconds (58 másodperc) (documentary)
  • 1967: Message to Conscience (Documentary)
  • 1968: Do you know Sunday-Monday? (Ismeri a szandi mandit?)
  • 1973: wait a minute! (Álljon meg a menet!)
  • 1978: criminal record // every Wednesday ( Minden szerdán )
  • 1978: on the 9th floor (Kilencedik emelet)
  • 1979: A Shabby Funeral (Koportos)
  • 2003: dance hall (Táncrend)

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