La Sen Thai Puvanart

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La Sen Thai Puvanart (full throne name Somdet Brhat-Anya Chao Lankasena Daya Buvananatha Raja Sri Sadhana Kanayudha ; * 1462 in Sawa ; † 1495 ibid) was king of Lan Chang between 1485 and 1495 .

La Sen Thai Puvanart was the sixth son of King Sai Tia Kaphut (r. 1441–1479) and was raised in the palace. He was first governor of Nong Kae and then succeeded his childless older brother, Suvanna Ban Lang, to the throne. The coronation ceremonies were held in 1491.

La Sen Thai Puvanart maintained peaceful relations with his neighbors Annam and Ayutthaya , with whom he worked particularly closely. The king was particularly interested in religious and legal issues and had numerous buildings built to promote Buddhism .

La Sen Thai Puvanart died a sudden death, leaving a son who succeeded him as King Somphu .