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Lady battery

Lady is the name of a type of battery . The American name is N .

Lady is mostly an alkaline , occasionally a zinc-carbon cell . According to ANSI , their diameter is 12 mm and their height 30.2 mm. The official name in Europe is UM-5 (zinc / carbon) or AM-5 / LR-1 (alkaline). The voltage is 1.5 V.

According to the original packaging from Panasonic, the following designations are used for this type of battery: MN9100, LADY, N, 4901, R1, E90, AM5, 910A, etc. the re-order no .: LR1L / 1BE

Mercury batteries of this size are no longer manufactured due to their lack of environmental compatibility.

Nominal voltage
in ( V )
IEC ANSI Other designation typical capacity
in ( mAh )
typ. energy
in ( Wh )
Non-rechargeable lady cells ( primary cells )
Alkali manganese 1.5 LR1 910A AM-5 800-1000 1.2-1.5
Zinc-carbon 1.5 R1 910D AT 5'O CLOCK 400 0.6
Rechargeable lady cells ( secondary cells )
Nickel metal hydride 1.2 HR1 350-500 0.44-0.62
Nickel-cadmium 1.2 KR1 150-180 0.18-0.22

This battery size is used in very tight spaces, for example for door openers , bicycle lights , LED flashlights , pocket calculators , cordless microphones, laser pointers or electrically operated erotic items .


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