Deciduous forest

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Deciduous forest in June in the Erzgebirge foothills - approx. 450 m above sea level. M.
Golden October in the deciduous forest

In deciduous forests , in contrast to coniferous and mixed forests , you can find almost exclusively deciduous and no conifers . Typical deciduous forests are the rain , monsoons , laurel and deciduous deciduous forests .

Under the climatic conditions prevailing in Central Europe , deciduous deciduous forests after the Ice Age or, according to the mega - herbivore hypothesis, park-like open landscapes with deciduous trees were predominant before humans systematically intervened in the tree species composition or created forests . The most common potential forest community in Central Europe are red beech forests . Only at higher altitudes or in more continental areas where the climate is too cold for deciduous trees, more conifers were able to assert themselves. However, since conifers such as spruce in forestry provided higher yields, or as the undemanding pines still showed good growth on marginal land, the pure deciduous forest in Central Europe has declined sharply due to human influence. While 70% of the local forests consisted of deciduous forests in 1860, today it is only 30%.


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