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Teaching techniques are educational tools and procedures that show teachers how to effectively teach. For teaching, experts use teaching techniques as presentation, visualization and speaking techniques and other special pedagogical methods . In contrast, teaching methods are procedures that show which forms are to be used in the classroom or in the lecture , e.g. B. Teacher lecture , class discussion , questioning-developing lessons . The term teaching technology is related to both the theoretically oriented didactics and the practical, process-related methodology ; it describes an activity of a more complex type of teaching that has to be learned specifically.

General teaching techniques include: a. Loud, understandable and clear speaking by the teacher, show real life and practical relevance, induce activities of the participants and generate attention.

• The presentation techniques show the way in which a teacher presents prepared teaching content to a group of participants. Today more than ever it is necessary to present oneself and one's services or products etc. in a plausible way.

• The visualization techniques are certain means and procedures for the graphic representation of factual relationships. A successful visual representation says more than it can be expressed in a thousand words.

• The speaking techniques are procedures that show how a teacher should speak and how he should articulate himself. Anyone who speaks too softly will not be understood by the participants. Correct modulation means raising or lowering the voice at the appropriate point. Monotony and boredom should be avoided during a lecture

Examples of teaching techniques are:

Winston Churchill once put it this way: If you want to be heard, speak out loud! If you want to be understood, speak clearly! If you want to be loved, speak briefly!


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