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Leporello book
Meissen Leporello

The leporello , also called folding book , is a foldable booklet in the form of a long strip of paper or cardboard that is folded together like an accordion . It is mainly used for photo and picture series, leaflets and brochures.

Word origin

The name goes back to Mozart's opera character Leporello, the servant of the woman hero Don Giovanni (Don Juan), who keeps a list of all his amours for his master. Leporello reports about it in the so-called register aria . According to the performance tradition, he effectively unfolds this list on stage. There is no information about this in the libretto, except that the list referred to as “catalogo” is referred to as “non picciol libro”, ie as a “not [exactly] small book”.


  • Photographers use Leporellos for series of pictures. The pictures are inserted into zigzag- folded passe - partouts .
  • In marketing , the term is used for folding flyers printed on both sides.
  • For trail maps the fanfold is used as a pragmatic solution. It has the advantage that the hiker does not have to carry a large map in front of them, and the following page also appears to a certain extent by itself.
  • Postcards are offered in stripes as a fanfold.
  • Narrow pocket calendars and some children's books are made as folded booklets.
  • Sheet music for ensemble and orchestra can be stapled as a fanfold instead of two-sided stapling and instead of a loose-leaf collection to pull over the pages (instead of turning the pages, especially with very large sheet music pages), because you can then put a good 3 pages on the music stand at the same time and avoid difficult leaf spots can.
  • Printer paper for printing lists is usually z-folded, which is why university certificates and receipts for the re-registration fee are often provided as fan -folds .
  • Many universities hand out or send out the study documents in the form of a fan-fold.
  • Self-adhesive notes are sometimes produced instead of as a block with alternating application of the adhesive strip.
  • Even Maya manuscripts such as the Codex Tro-Cortesianus from the 15th or 16th century were made as Leporello.

The alternating stacking of folded sheets of cosmetic or paper towels is comparable to the endless fanfold.


With the magnetic fanfold, usually the size of a credit card, the zigzag-folded content is held together between two magnetic sheets.

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  • Harald Haarmann : Universal history of writing. Campus-Verlag, Frankfurt am Main u. a. 1990, ISBN 3-593-34346-0 , pp. 44-50, deals with Aztec folded books that only contain image sequences without text.

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