Les Derhosn

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Les Derhosn with Michaila Kühnemann, Michi Marchner and Martin Lidl (from left to right) in the Theater im Fraunhofer , 2001
Les Derhosn with Michi Marchner and Martin Lidl, 2018

Les Derhosn is a Munich cabaret music group that has been performing as a duo since 2007.


The group was formed in 1987 as a street musician with drums and bass. Just six months after the band was founded, the drummer left. After a new one was found, the group's bassist left the group in the early 1990s, who previously gave the band their name (a play on the term Lederhosen ). Les Derhosn not only perform in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. Since 1996 Les Derhosn have been performing together with Helmut Schleich in the double program Les Derhosn meets Helmut Schleich . As the music cabaret duo Les Derhosn, they thrilled 16,000 people in 6 weeks at the GOP Varieté Theater in Munich with moderation, music and excerpts from their programs.


  • Michi Marchner (since 1987; front man and multi-instrumentalist)
  • Martin Lidl (since 1987; multi-instrumentalist and second voice)


  • Michaila Kühnemann (1992 to 2007; singer and multi-instrumentalist)
  • Michael "Mitsch" Fūrbeck (until 2000; bass player)
  • "Loisl" (1987; drums)


  • 1993: Enemy images
  • 1998: Da Boandlgrama
  • 2001: Fully under the Goethe line
  • 2004: The Sound of Cabaret
  • 2008: If not now, who will?
  • 2013: After us the future (jubilation program for the silver wedding)


  • 1996: contaminated sites
  • 1999: Da Boandlgrama
  • 2002: Fully under the Goethe line
  • 2010: Men are heroes - from alpha male to beta blocker
  • 2017: After us, the future

Awards and Achievements

In addition, Les Derhosn was nominated for the Prix ​​Pantheon in 2004.

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