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The Obernburger Mühlstein is a young talent award in the cabaret and comedy category , which is awarded annually in and by the Kochsmühle cabaret in Obernburg am Main .


The Obernburger Mühlstein , which has been awarded since 1989, is a coveted and literally weighty award for young cabaret and cabaret artists in German-speaking countries. What was a true marathon for the jury and the audience at the beginning in the pre-Christmas period - a complete program was presented on five days of the week - was soon concentrated on an evening performance. The working group Kul-Tour eV, the organizer of the competition and head of the Kochsmühle cabaret, offers talents from all over the German-speaking area the opportunity to present 20-minute excerpts from their respective repertoire. The audience and a multi-member jury finally decide on the award of the prize. This usually happens at midnight.

Award winners

Les Derhosn , 2001 award winner
Martina Schwarzmann , 2003 award winner
Claus von Wagner , 2004 award winner
Dagmar Schönleber , 2005 award winner
Simon & Jan , award winners 2012

The young cabaret artists who have received the Obernburger Mühlstein for 24 years from 1989 to 2015 are:

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