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Link collection

Bookmarks , bookmarks or favorites are user-related links to websites that should be found quickly.

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Bookmarks are saved as a link collection. The bookmarks can be managed and clearly displayed in the collection. Clicking on a bookmark opens the website in the web browser .

Bookmarks help to find a page again without a search engine . Experienced users collect bookmarks and often come across thousands of entries. In companies, bookmarks are part of link management .

The bookmarks often show the page's title as well as its favicon so that you can find it more quickly. It is also possible to save JavaScript instructions as bookmarks using so-called bookmarklet instructions.

Dynamic bookmarks

Dynamic bookmarks (English: Live Bookmarks ) make it possible to save RSS feeds as bookmarks. They are usually reloaded each time the browser is started and then updated at regular intervals. The Firefox , Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer web browsers support dynamic bookmarks. Starting with Firefox version 64 in December 2018, Mozilla stopped supporting live bookmarks.

Social bookmarks

Social bookmarks are bookmarks that are stored and used jointly by several users on a server on the Internet or intranet . They are managed jointly and can be accessed by any authorized person. Many are also accessible to everyone. The service is usually accessed via a web browser. For some services there are also special browser extensions to make them easier to use. Bookmarks are often published as a subscribable list (usually as an RSS feed ).

Data formats

  • XBEL is a data format for saving and transferring bookmarks. XBEL is a sub- format in the XML standard.
  • Firefox and Lynx manage bookmarks in an HTML file.
  • Opera uses a specially formatted text file.
  • The Internet Explorer uses its own for the favorites for each entry file . He creates these in the file system in sub-folders.

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