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Surname Amount of light
Formula symbol
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unit system
unit dimension
SI Lumen second  ( lm · s ) T · J

Light quantity ( english luminous energy ) is the photometric weighted radiant energy .

If a light source emits the temporally constant luminous flux during the period, the amount of light generated during this period is the product of the luminous flux (the "light generation rate") and the duration :

If the luminous flux varies over time, the amount of light generated must be calculated using the corresponding integral :

The amount of light is given in the unit of lumen second (lm s, unofficially also called Talbot or Lumberg ).

Overview of photometric quantities and units

radiometric quantity Symbol a) SI unit description photometric equivalent b) symbol SI unit
Radiant flux
radiant power, radiant flux, radiant power
( watt )
Radiant energy through time Luminous flux
luminous flux, luminous power
( lumens )
Radiant intensity
irradiance, radiant intensity
W / sr Radiation flux through solid angles Luminous intensity
luminous intensity
cd = lm / sr
( candela )
W / m 2 Radiation flux through the receiver surface Illuminance
lx = lm / m 2
( lux )
Specific radiation
emission current density, radiant exitance
W / m 2 Radiation flux through the transmitter surface Specific light emission
luminous exitance
lm / m 2
radiance, radiance, radiance
W / m 2 sr Radiant intensity through effective transmitter area Luminance luminance
cd / m 2
Radiant energy
amount of radiation, radiant energy
( joules )
by radiation transmitted energy Amount of light
luminous energy, quantity of light
lm · s
irradiation, radiant exposure
J / m 2 Radiant energy through the receiver surface Exposure
luminous exposure
lx s
Radiation yield
radiant efficiency
1 Radiation flux through absorbed (mostly electrical) power Luminous efficiency
(overall) luminous efficacy
lm / W
a)The index "e" is used to distinguish it from the photometric quantities. It can be omitted.
b)The photometric quantities are the radiometric quantities, weighted with the photometric radiation equivalent K , which indicates the sensitivity of the human eye.

Individual evidence

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