Liner of the line

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Rank badge of a lieutenant of the line

Liner lieutenant was an officer rank of the K. (u.) K. Navy and corresponded in rank to the captain in the land forces . His equivalent in the German Imperial Navy was the lieutenant captain . The rank designation is partly used in the successor states of Austria-Hungary , e.g. B. in the navies of Yugoslavia and Croatia and in the Austrian merchant fleet.

The title is explained by the classification of warships into size classes, which was customary well into the 19th century, starting with the smallest, the corvette , through the frigate to the ship of the line . In the Austrian navy this led to appropriately formed titles: corvette captain (equivalent to major , title identical to that of the German navy (es)), frigate captain ( lieutenant colonel , title identical to that of the German navy (es)), and ship of the line (in the German navy captain at sea ).

In systematic correspondence, the ranking of naval subaltern officers in Austria-Hungary was dubbed as follows: Corvette lieutenant (as equivalent to lieutenant [z. See]), frigate lieutenant (corresponds to Oberleutnant [z. See]) and lieutenant of the line (corresponds to captain or . German captain lieutenant ). This ranking has also been preserved in the Croatian Navy.