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The Linz organ tablature is an organ tablature of polyphonic dances and song arrangements for keyboard instruments that were recorded in Linz between 1611 and 1613 . It is one of the internationally best-known pieces in the music collection of the library of the Upper Austrian State Museum (catalog no. 9647) and is one of the richest sources of secular organ music from the early Baroque period .

Pieces of music

What is remarkable is the musical content of the tablature, which, unlike most organ books of the time, should not be performed in a church, but in a secular, domestic environment. The names of the pieces refer to traditional folk or court dances from Germany ( Tantz, Danz Beurlin ), France ( Brandle , Curanta Francesca ), Italy ( Paduana , Pergamasco ) and England ( English version ). It appears that most of these pieces were written not for church organs but rather for a shelf , a keyboard instrument that was popular and common in the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

At the Claviorganum listening station in the DomQuartier Salzburg (Museum St. Peter), visitors to the exhibition can hear the following four pieces from the Linz organ tablature, which Peter Widensky performed on the Claviorganum built in 1591 by the Innsbruck organ builder Josua Pockh :

  • Tantz (spinet)
  • A small forest bird flew (flute in bass and treble)
  • Dantz (flute in treble, shelf in bass / shelf in bass and treble / spinet, shelf in bass and treble / spinet, flute in bass and treble)
  • Pickhlhäring (spinet, flute in bass and treble, shelf in bass and treble)

Track list

Cupid , piece from the Linz organ tablature, played by Peter Nahon on the organ of St. Paul, Bordeaux
Tantz "Jesu Du zartes Lämblein" , piece from the Linz organ tablature, played by Peter Nahon on the organ of St. Paul, Bordeaux

The Linz organ tablature comprises 108 titles on 200 pages, almost half of which were transcribed in 1998 and published for the first time by Wiener Musikverlag Doblinger . The following titles are included:

  • Padoana
  • Madrigals Songuesti crespicrimè guesti il
  • Tantz
  • Dantz Hausmanni
  • Cupid
  • Tantz
  • Pergamasco
  • Englossa
  • Danntz "The little daughter spoke to the mother"
  • Brandle
  • Tantz
  • Curanta Francesca
  • Intrada
  • Paduana
  • Tantz
  • Intrada Landgrave Boriz
  • Danz Beurlin
  • Intrada
  • New Danz
  • New pickling ring
  • French Tannz
  • Paduoan
  • To my singing
  • Intrada
  • My heart is firmly on fire
  • Tannz "Jesus you tender lamb"
  • Paduana
  • Tantz
  • Paduana
  • Galliarda
  • Oh woe to my heart
  • Fortuna because is impossible
  • Balletta Marcury
  • New dance "Pickelhäring"
  • English elevator
  • A steady dancer
  • My grief oh God is without end
  • Curanta
  • Tantz
  • Oh dear in Laidt
  • Intrada
  • My heart is kindled in love
  • With sighs and with complaints
  • Dantz
  • A forest bird did not fly
  • Solve my loyalty then
  • Pergamasco


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