List of soil monuments in Quedlinburg

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In the list of ground monuments in Quedlinburg , all ground monuments of the city of Quedlinburg and its districts are listed. The basis is the publication of the state monument list as of February 25, 2016. The architectural monuments are listed in the list of cultural monuments in Quedlinburg .

Monument ID Find type District designation Time position location Remarks image
428311077 Attachment Quedlinburg Sewing room waiting room middle Ages 4.3 km southeast of the village, on the Seweckenberg Seweckenwarte, from here one could observe a wide field, the highest point within a radius of several kilometers. Belongs to the Quedlinburg waiting and ditch system, today converted into a lookout tower. Sewekenwarte2.jpg
428311134 Attachment Quedlinburg Watch tower 'Lethwarte' middle Ages approx. 1 km north of Gernrode on the Gernroder Chaussee Belongs to the Quedlinburg waiting and ditch system. Round tower in good condition Quedlinburg Lethwarte.JPG
428311079 Tomb> burial mound Quedlinburg "Boxhornschanze" grave mound Neolithic south-eastern outskirts at the allotment garden association Bockshornschanze eV
428311136 Attachment Quedlinburg "Bicklingswarte" watch tower middle Ages 2.5 km SE of Quedlinburg, am Bicklingsbach belongs to the Quedlinburg waiting and ditch system. Bicklingswarte.jpg
428311080 Tomb> burial mound Quedlinburg two barrows in Luftenberg undated 1.7 km north of the city above the sandstone cliff edge of the Luftenberg
428311081 Tomb> burial mound Quedlinburg two barrows Schieferberg undated 5.2 km west of the city Group of two hills
428311083 Fortification> castle Ballenstedt Spornburg "Roseburg", former "Rudolphsburg" middle Ages 1.8 km southwest of the place Area of ​​the former "Rudolphsburg", which fell into desolation in the 16th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the area was completely built over in the style of a medieval castle.
428311076 Fortification> castle Quedlinburg Flat spur castle "Gersdorfer Burg" middle Ages 4 km southeast of the city Defense tower on hill with wall-ditch-wall situation Memorial stone Gersdorfer Burg.jpg
428311074 Fortification> castle Quedlinburg "Munzenberg" summit castle middle Ages western outskirts Strongly changed due to overbuilding, partly only recognizable as a castle from the existing walls.
428311075 Fortification> castle Quedlinburg Spornburg Altenburg middle Ages southwest of the place It is a control room that was originally round.
428311078 Attachment Quedlinburg Landwehr "Landgraben" middle Ages 4 kilometers south of the city Landwehr is very distinct. The Landwehr belongs to what is known today as a control room and land ditch system.
428311057 Fortification> castle Ballenstedt Forest Spornburg "Heinrichsburg" middle Ages 0.6 km north of Mägdesprung Vorburg on Bergsporn with no visible building remains, southwest of it is

the castle hill clearly separated from the remains of the former castle (ruin)

428311123 Attachment Ballenstedt Forest Wall-trench plant middle Ages north of Mägdesprung, on the spur southwest opposite the Heinrichsburg Wall-ditch system with an approximately rectangular floor plan, approx. 900 m² area, wall between 0.5 and 1 m high, on average well preserved. Likewise, the ditch in front of the outside, which is very clear in the west and east, but hardly recognizable in the north.
428311061 Tomb> burial mound Gernrode Barrows Kupferberg undated
428311060 Desolation Gernrode Desert "Bischofsrode" undated
428311129 Gernrode Water management system, dam middle Ages approx. 150 m southeast of the desert "Goße Böhm" Water management system: Dam may be seen in connection with the medieval desert 'Große Böhm' in the immediate vicinity.
428311058 Fortification> castle Ballenstedt Forest Niederungsburg in "Brandholz" middle Ages elongated wall-like structure in slightly marshy terrain at the confluence of two streams
428311056 Fortification> castle Gernrode Spurburg undated elevated area, completely built over - St. Cyriakus' collegiate church Collegiate Church of Gernrode from the east.jpg
428311059 Desolation Gernrode Desert "Große Böhm" middle Ages 3 km southwest of the village in the nature reserve Some possibly worked stones could be interpreted as an indication of the desertification.


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