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The list of the Bundeswehr locations in Germany informs about the currently existing locations of the Bundeswehr in Germany . It reflects the change from May 2018 to the current stationing concept 2011 , which is currently being adopted. Relocations of the units to other locations, renaming and dissolution as well as the closure of properties or locations are described in brackets. The abbreviations, which are listed in brackets after the respective department or parts of such, indicate the affiliation to the respective armed forces or to the respective organizational area and stand for:

1. Sub-armed forces and central organizational areas: Army (H), Air Force (L), Navy (M), Armed Forces Base ( SKB), Cyber ​​and Information Room (CIR), Central Medical Service (ZSan).

2. Organization area equipment, information technology and use (AIN).

3. Personnel organization area (P).

4. Organizational area infrastructure, environmental protection and services (IUD).

The abbreviation ZMZ stands for civil-military cooperation . ZMZ liaison offices are partially active. They are led by a staff officer who acts as a representative of the Bundeswehr in the district or in the administrative district. He is equipped with the troop ID as a service ID.

The list also contains locations that are no longer officially designated as "Bundeswehr locations" by the Bundeswehr because of their low number of posts. However, members of the armed forces are still stationed there. The locations remain in the list for informational purposes only. They are given the addition “less than 15 posts” in the list.

In addition to the domestic locations , the Bundeswehr also has a number of locations abroad that should not be confused with the operational properties for the Bundeswehr's foreign missions . These include, among others, Air Force training facilities in the United States, the 291 Jäger Battalion in France, military attaché staffs , the Army Liaison Organization and Bundeswehr administrative offices .

For the sake of clarity, the list is divided into federal states.

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