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In the list of cultural monuments in Meckel , all cultural monuments of the Rhineland-Palatinate local community of Meckel are listed. The basis is the list of monuments of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (as of May 17, 2018).

Monument zones

designation location Construction year description image
Monument zone town center Hauptstrasse 19–36, Kirchstrasse 1–7
18th and 19th centuries Formerly part of the subpropstei Echternach, south of the Nüßbach, along the main street, stately, partly large farms from the 18th and 19th centuries including school and new and old church, including churchyard, have been preserved in an unusual density

Individual monuments

designation location Construction year description image
Courtyard Bergstrasse 1
1843 Streckhof, marked 1843
Residential houses Hauptstrasse 3, 5 / 5a
1821 and 1824 two seven-axle row houses, No. 3 denotes 1824, No. 5 / 5a denotes 1821; the four inner axes younger
Wayside cross Main street, in front of No. 6
1845 Shank cross, marked 1845
Courtyard Hauptstrasse 7
1827 Courtyard area; Stately house, marked 1827, barn, limestone block building, marked 1905
Wayside cross Main street, in front of No. 15
1664 Baroque shaft cross, marked 1664, closing cross not included
Residential building Hauptstrasse 19
1767 stately home, marked 1767, coupled windows from the late 1920s
Courtyard Hauptstrasse 21
1836 Courtyard area; Residential house, marked 1836, farm building more recent
Cross house Hauptstrasse 21a
17th century Quereinhaus, marked 1789, in the core probably from the 17th century
Residential building Hauptstrasse 25
1765 Baroque house with a half-hip roof, marked 1765, extension in the second half of the 19th century
Residential building Hauptstrasse 27
1767 Residential house with a wide, crooked hip roof, marked 1767, farm building from the 19th century, one marked 1858
Residential building Hauptstrasse 28
Mid 18th century six-axle house, marked 1860, older in core (late baroque portal, mid-18th century)
Courtyard Hauptstrasse 31
1820 stately three-sided courtyard; Residential house, marked 1820, farm building younger, barn marked 1877
Courtyard Hauptstrasse 32, Kirchstrasse 2
1847 rich three-sided courtyard; seven-axle house, marked 1847
Catholic parish church of St. Bartholomew Kirchstrasse 1
1896-98 neo-Gothic sandstone-articulated limestone block construction, 1896–98, architect Reinhold Wirtz , Trier; with equipment;
Classicist pump stick, probably from the Weilerbacher hut
Catholic parish church of St. Bartholomewmore pictures
Old Catholic Parish Church of St. Bartholomew Kirchstrasse 7
late 15th or early 16th century late Gothic single-pillar room, late 15th or early 16th century, choir possibly older, Romanesque tower; with equipment;
Red sandstone grave stones in the churchyard: priest grave markings Hennes († 1939) and Weiler († 1949), baroque and younger grave crosses, including cross from 1772, base neo-Gothic;
Complete complex with cemetery, with baroque crosses and tombstone fragments;
in front of the driveway grave cross M. Wurz, marked 1837
Old Catholic Parish Church of St. Bartholomewmore pictures
Wayside cross Meibrücker Strasse
17th or 18th century baroque shaft cross
Residential building Schmiedestrasse 3
1872 six-axle residential house with a half-hip roof, marked 1872, business section younger (Spolie marked 1872); Courtyard fencing preserved
Courtyard Schmiedestrasse 7
at the end of the 19th century Residential house with a former forge, end of the 19th century, stable barn
Wayside cross northwest of the place on the L 2
1913 Shank cross, marked 1913
Badenborner Kreuzchen north of the village on the K 22
second half of the 18th century Wayside cross; Late baroque station cross in relief, cross does not belong to it
Wayside cross southeast of the village on the K 29
1849 Memorial cross, marked 1849


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