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Littmann is a German family name .

Origin and meaning

  • Offspring of Czech names such as Litomir (= Ljutomir), Litobor (= Ljutobor) etc. (cf. Miklosich, F., Die Bildung d. Slaw. Pers.-Name (Wiener Denkschr. 10, 1860), 209) altslaw. ljutu "grim, wild". Only detectable since the Hussite invasions. See also the names under love / love: lib- = ljub-! - Documents: Hannus Litman 1427 Liegnitz; Jacob Littman 1429 Liegnitz; Jeorge Littman 1571 Görlitz. Also a Litman Jew in 1472 Glatz. Furthermore Mathis Litte 1491 Liegnitz

Part of the word "man"

See family name: Mann , Man , Manno


Name bearer