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Health resort or a recognized spa resort is in Germany spread most predicate for spas . It is awarded to localities whose air and climate, according to an expert report, have properties that are beneficial for recreation and health. This report must be repeated regularly.

In contrast to other health resorts, purely climatic health resorts usually do not offer stationary spa measures . The predicate is mainly acquired by places where tourism plays a major role. As of the rating resort, the municipality can levy a tourist tax for all guests who stay overnight. The raised funds are to be used for the municipality's expenditure on tourism.

For a place or a municipality, this award can play a major role in economic or tourist terms. Some places indicate this in their coat of arms .

The name goes back to the air cure , a form of climatic therapy .

In 2017, 318 municipalities in Germany were certified as climatic health resorts.

There are also state-recognized tourist communities .

Legal bases

Recognition as a climatic health resort is based on a law or an ordinance (as in Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia).

Lower Saxony

Sign at the entrance to Neuenkirchen (Lüneburg Heath)

The criteria for the necessary expert opinion are in the annotated version of the definitions - quality standards for the rating of health resorts, recreation areas and healing wells (currently the 12th edition from May 2005). A valid recognition ordinance must be available from the respective federal states.


In Bavaria the climatic health resort must according to §§ 1 I, 2 I, 10 BayAnerkV (Bavarian Recognition Ordinance ) have a scientifically recognized and proven therapeutically applicable climate, whose properties as well as the air quality are periodically checked and have suitable facilities for the site-specific application of the climate in the context of cures. The recognition of the municipality requires an application with justification in accordance with Section 12 I 1 BayAnerkV. The recognition as a climatic health resort then decides in accordance with Art. 7 V 1 BayKAG (Bavarian Municipal Tax Act) the State Ministry of the Interior in agreement with the State Ministries for Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection.


In Hesse, climatic health resorts are recognized according to § 1 Paragraph 1 KurortVO on application if they meet the requirements of § 2 Paragraph 1 KurortVO . The requirements require

"[...] that the natural and site-specific conditions are available in accordance with the" definitions / quality standards for spas and health resorts, resorts - including the predication requirements - as well as for medicinal fountains and medicinal springs "and the requirements contained therein are met. These definitions of terms are published by the German Spa Association eV and the German Tourism Association eV, Flöttmann Verlag, Gütersloh, 12th edition 2005, and are published by the highest state authority responsible for tourism in the currently valid version in the State Gazette for the State of Hesse. "


In Thuringia, climatic health resorts are recognized in accordance with § 3 ThürKOG (Thuringian Law on the Recognition of Health Resorts and Recreation Places - Thuringian Health Resorts Act)

"... if the requirements for the species designation are met, taking into account the principles generally recognized in spa and recreation, taking into account the requirements of building law and the goals of spatial planning and regional planning, and taking into account the requirements of environmental and nature conservation."

The recognition is limited to ten years.

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