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With the predicate resort or nationally recognized resort is in several German federal states , a community or a community member fitted due to the particularly peer-reviewed suitability for recreation such. B. as part of a vacation with perfect air quality .

In Germany , recognition as a “state-approved resort” is granted by the responsible ministry of the respective federal state or by the “offices for regional development”; The definitions of terms serve as a basis - quality standards for the rating of health resorts, recreation areas and healing fountains of the Deutscher Heilbäderverband e. V. and the German Tourism Association e. V .; The term appears for the first time in the title of the 2nd edition from 1951.

The rating is given to places whose air and climate have properties that are conducive to relaxation. The report must be repeated regularly. In contrast to climatic health resorts and other health resorts , health resorts do not have to have medical facilities to carry out health or rehabilitation measures . However, the prerequisite is an infrastructure designed for tourism .

There are also “state-recognized tourist communities ” that have to meet certain legal requirements.

In the German state of Bavaria , municipalities that are a “state-approved resort” can demand a “ spa tax ” (also: “visitor's tax”) according to the Municipal Tax Act (§7 ).

In Lower Saxony , municipalities can levy a " tourism contribution " for certain tourism-related purposes on the basis of Section 9 of the Lower Saxony Municipal Tax Act (NKAG) .

Lists of resorts

Further municipalities can be found in the category: State-recognized resort in Germany .

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