Magnetic separator

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Magnetic separator for the scientific separation of heavy minerals

A magnetic separator is a system for separating ferromagnetic materials (piece or bulk goods) from other, non-ferromagnetic materials.

The flow of material runs z. B. along a conveyor belt or belt conveyor under a magnet so that ferromagnetic parts are lifted. Under the magnet there is a second, transverse conveyor belt, so that the attracted parts are moved out laterally and subsequently z. B. fall into a container.

Another method is used in drum magnetic separators.

Magnetic separators can also be used in liquid media.

Magnetic separators are used in scrap sorting ( recycling ) and in material flows where iron parts can cause damage (e.g. in aggregates for the food industry or in plastic granulate for injection molding / extruders ).

In sedimentology , magnetic separators are used to separate and analyze heavy minerals .

There is often a permanent magnet in the drain plug of oil-filled gears to hold the abrasion of the gears so that it does not cause additional wear.

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