Manuel II (Trebizond)

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Manuel II. Komnenos (* around 1323 ; † 1333 ) was Emperor and Grand Comnene of Trebizond in 1332 .


Manuel was the son of the Trapezuntian emperor Andronikos III .

When his father died in 1332 after a brief reign, eight-year-old Manuel succeeded him on the throne of Trebizond. However, the rule of Manuel found little support among the population, as they still had fond memories of the crimes of his father, who had two of his three brothers killed.

The circles dissatisfied with Manuel's rule decided to call Basil , the only surviving brother of Andronikos, who escaped his murder in 1330 by fleeing into exile in Constantinople , back to Trebizond. When he arrived in Trebizond just eight months after Manuel took office, he was deposed and Basil was appointed as his successor.

The disempowered Manuel was then prepared for a life as a monk. However, he died in 1333. He was probably murdered on the orders of Basil.

predecessor Office successor
Andronikos III. Emperor of Trebizond