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Marc Gore (* 1974 near Bremen ), real name unknown, is a German author of horror stories .

Work and style

Marc Gore is a representative of pulp literature who uses the splatter as a primary stylistic device. His stories are simple horror with trivial plots. Real themes such as sex killers, psychopaths and cannibals are just as much a motif in many of the stories, as are common fantasies like zombies, vampires, werewolves, witch curses and voodoo . Some of the stories appeared in fanzines and anthologies, mostly on a print-on-demand basis. He also writes CD reviews and articles about death metal and grindcore bands for music fanzines .

The author disappeared from the public eye in 2003, only reappeared in 2010 and has been writing stories regularly ever since.

Since 2010, the Twilight Line publishing house has published the old short stories, which were written between 1998 and 2003, in an anthology series called Dark Pages . The book The Terror Compilation with stories of Marc Gore never printed before has been available since 2012 . In 2013, the author was also involved in two other anthologies, one under the title Defective Copies , for which the story Devourer - The Devourer and one under the title Horror Legions , for which the story The Chick And The Wolfman was contributed.

Another anthology was published in January 2014 under the title Grindhouse Splatter . In this book, the two stories Limb By Limb and Devourer-The Devourer have been republished, as well as a number of new stories.

With the anthology Sacrificial Blood three new stories appeared in 2015. The editor Uwe Siebert and the authors Rainer Innreiter and Manfred Klos were also involved in the collection of stories .

On January 23, 2016, the indie horror film King of the Cannibals celebrated its premiere in a cinema in the place where it was made, Gevelsberg . The film was made by Master W and Crippler Criss . In this film, Marc Gore made his actor debut by portraying one of the cannibals.


Magazines / booklet series

  • 2013: XUN Fantastic Stories Issue 30 ISSN  1862-7552 .
  • 2019: Super Pulp No. 3: the journal for pulp thrillers, horror & science fiction ISBN 978-3749433391 .
  • 2019: Super Pulp No. 5: the journal for pulp thrillers, horror & science fiction ISBN 978-3749482603 .



  • 2016: The King of the Cannibals
  • 2017: The Moor Monster 2
  • 2019: Sonata del Corvo
  • 2019: a new life
  • 2019: Nocta
  • 2019: Rise of Valhalla

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