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Maria Frau (1954)

Maria Frau (born August 6, 1930 in Sassari , Sardinia , Italy ) is an Italian film actress who has been inactive for six decades , a semi-star of her country in the 1950s.

Live and act

Maria Frau began to work as a photo model in the late 1940s and made her way with several photo series in several weekly newspapers. The Sardinian was seen a total of twelve times on a title cover. One day she was discovered there by a film producer and brought in front of the camera. Her erotic appearance and beauty made Maria Frau appear as the ideal cast for seductive glamor ladies and "sirens" of all kinds from 1950, who had correspondingly "sinful" names such as Chiquita, Cleopatra and Lolita, were not stingy with their charms and got the hormones of the film partners going .

None of the dozen and a half films that Frau had made in just seven years of screen activity were of artistic significance, but they earned the young woman considerable popularity. Sardin has worked in comedies such as romances, dramas such as melodramas, revue films such as antique and historical epics, and had film partners as diverse as Maurice Chevalier , Totò , Eddie Constantine , Willy Fritsch and Johannes Heesters (in the German-Italian co-production Stern von Rio ) at your side. In 1957 she made her last film and then withdrew from the public.

Maria Frau was married to Giovanni "Nino" Vaselli (born September 11, 1929), the son of Count Mario Vasselli. Nino Vasselli, an engineer by profession, also excelled at the football club Lazio Rome , where his father was temporarily vice-president, placing players such as Humberto Tozzi from Brazil. Maria's wife and her husband later moved to Texas, where Nino died on March 1, 2009. These days she lives with her daughter Mavi in ​​welfare in the state capital Austin . Her son Mario lives in Costa Rica.

Filmography (complete)

  • 1950: Margherita da Cortona
  • 1951: Luna rossa
  • 1951: Il lupo della frontiera
  • 1952: Il prezzo dell'onore
  • 1952: Bianca's revenge ( Sul ponte dei sospiri )
  • 1953: Anna perdonami
  • 1953: Viva il cinema!
  • 1953: Tormento di anime
  • 1954: Questi fantasmi
  • 1954: La barriera della legge
  • 1954: Seven Sweet Sins ( J'avais sept filles )
  • 1955: Star of Rio
  • 1955: La porta dei sogni
  • 1954: Totò all'inferno
  • 1955: The fisherman of the golden island (Agguato sul mare)
  • 1955: La sultana Safiyè
  • 1955: red lips - blue beans ( Vous pigiez? )
  • 1957: Helena, the courtesan of Athens (La Venere di Cheronea )


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