Maria Magdalena Rückert

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Maria Magdalena Rückert , before 1996 Maria Magdalena Meyer Gebel , also Maria-Magdalena Rückert (* 1960 ) is a German historian .

life and work

From 1979 to 1986 she studied history, Romance languages and English at the Universities of Bonn and Paris IV . After completing her doctorate in Bonn in 1990, she has been with the state archives service ( Secret State Archives Prussian Cultural Heritage in Berlin, State Archives Ludwigsburg , Dept. 2 of the State Archives Baden-Württemberg) since 1991 , and since 2010 Head of the State Archives Ludwigsburg. Since 2000 she has had a teaching position for medieval history at the University of Mannheim , since 2002 a full member of the commission for historical regional studies in Baden-Württemberg . She has been an honorary professor at the Historical Institute of the University of Mannheim since 2012 . Her research interests are in the area of ​​medieval church history, u. a. Processing by Schöntal Monastery for Germania Sacra, Göttingen.

Fonts (selection)

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