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Martin Mahner in the "Center GWUP" (2017).
Martin Mahner introduces himself (2017).
Martin Mahner at a meeting of the ECSO

Martin Mahner (born May 9, 1958 ) is a German biologist , philosopher of science and theorist of science . His areas of work are the philosophy of biology, the characterization of pseudosciences and the relationship between metaphysics and science.

Mahner studied biology and geography at the Free University of Berlin and received his doctorate in zoology in 1992. Until 1996 he had a graduate fellowship with Mario Bunge in Montreal. After teaching positions in Berlin, he has been head of the Center for Science and Critical Thinking of the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences since May 1999 , as well as a member of the scientific advisory board of the Giordano Bruno Foundation . He is also an active member of the European Council of Skeptical Organizations .

PSI tests

Together with the biologist Rainer Wolf, Mahner has carried out the so-called PSI tests of the GWUP at the University of Würzburg every year since 2004 . There, phenomena such as pendulum / dowsing rods, etc. a. examined. The PSI tests are mentioned in various media, for example: Quarks & Co, ZDF "Tonight", FAZ, SWR documentation "Alles lazy magic".



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