Machine frame

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Frame and housing as a unit made of cast iron for a gear train

A machine frame is the sum of all load-bearing parts of a machine or a complex machine element (e.g. a gear ). In particular, it supports the moving machine parts such as shafts , wheels , slides and levers via bearings . Housing-forming sheets are often attached to it. In the case of a closed construction, it performs the housing function directly, as is the case with gear drives, for example (see adjacent picture).

In the case of vehicles , one speaks of the chassis (exception: self-supporting body ).

Machine frames should have the following features:

  • high flexural and torsional rigidity to absorb the operating forces,
  • good accessibility for operation and assembly / repair,
  • ergonomic design for fatigue-free and accident-proof operation,
  • attractive shape ( design ).

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