Masurius Sabinus

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Masurius Sabinus , also Massurius Sabinus, was a Roman lawyer in the first half of the 1st century and a student of Gaius Ateius Capito . He is one of the classic legal scholars .

Under Emperor Tiberius Masurius was round 50 about the knighthood raised. He was the first known jurist from the equestrian order to be awarded the ius respondendi . His main work is the libri tres iuris civilis , a brief presentation of civil law, probably without a specific system. This civil law plan gained almost legal authority. The work has been commented on by the jurists of the 2nd and 3rd centuries, Pomponius , Paulus and Ulpian . Parts of a Greek-written commentary on Ulpian's libri ad Sabinum , which is believed to be dated between 438 and 529 AD, are contained in the Scholia Sinaitica . There are passages of text found in the codices Gregorianus , Hermogenianus and Theodosianus .

Even before Cassius Longinus, Masurius is considered to be the head of the Sabinian legal school (also known as Cassian), which competed with the Proculian legal school. Like the politically more cautious Labeo , representative and possibly co-founder of the opposing Proculian school of law, Masurius Sabinus was often cited as the guarantor of decisions of fundamental importance.


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