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The Lord Jim Lodge was an amalgamation of several artists , including Jörg Schlick , Martin Kippenberger , Albert Oehlen , Max Gad , Walter Grond and the writer Wolfgang Bauer .


The motto of the Lord Jim Lodge was: "Nobody helps nobody". Jörg Schlick was the editor of the magazine Sonne Busen Hammer , the central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge . The name of the lodge comes from a novel by Joseph Conrad , whose main character Lord Jim is an eternal loser, but remains an idealist. The Lord Jim Lodge saw itself as a “men's society of genuine resistance to templates of thought and behavior”. Other members included a. Arnulf Rainer and Niki Lauda . These admissions to the lodge were often "forced joinings" and sometimes the new members didn't even know about it. Friedrich Dürrenmatt was accepted posthumously, albeit with the consent of his widow.

"Sonne Busen Hammer" logo on Kippenberger's underground shaft Metro-Net

Each of the members of this lodge was asked to use the “sun bosom hammer” symbol and the words “Nobody helps nobody” in their works. The declared aim was to make this logo “better known than that of Coca Cola ”. Martin Kippenberger did this a. a. in his self-portraits from 1988 and the “subway stations” (this project was intended to build a global subway system, but only mock entrances and ventilation shafts were built).

With the death of Kippenberger in 1997, the Lord Jim Lodge gave up its activity to make the symbol known by means of factory integration. Thanks to the international recognition of the oeuvres of Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Jörg Schlick, the Lord Jim Lodge has already achieved a considerable level of awareness.


The signet of the Lord Jim Lodge

The signet came about like this: Aky Bleich-Rossi planned an exhibition in 1985 with works by Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen, Bauer and Schlick. A few days before the vernissage, Oehlen and Kippenberger, while drunk, drew a sun with a hammer on a piece of paper, Bauer scribbled the breasts and Schlick used it to design the poster.

First 3D drawing by Manfred Wolff-Plottegg 1991, rendering 2006, 3D printing (stereolithography) 2011.

The Lord Jim Lodge logo as a 3D print


Sonne Busen Hammer was amagazine published(from May 1991) by Jörg Schlick in Graz . It appeared at irregular intervals and represented the central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge . A total of fourteen issues (No. 1 to No. 15 without No. 8) had been published by 1996, with the number 2 already being entitled 'The Jubilee Number' and the No. 8 is even nonexistent. The print run was 600 and occasionally 1000 copies. In April 2006, Sonne Busen Hammer 16 (simultaneously monochrome # 24 ) and in May 2007 Sonne Busen Hammer 17 (simultaneously monochrome # 25 ) appeared in the edition mono, each with a print run of 2000 copies. After a long break, Sonne Busen Hammer 18 was released in 2014(also monochrome # 35 ).

Individual titles of the magazine

  • Nobody helps nobody. (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 4) Edited by Jörg Schlick, Graz o. J.
  • Walter Grond: Habemus Papam or the drunken lantern: a drama. The Daxer number. (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 6) [... on the occasion of the exhibition by Jörg Schlick in the Kunstraum Daxer, Munich from March 20, 1992 to May 2, 1992] Munich 1992.
  • The Graz number. (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 11) Edited by Elisabeth Fiedler, Graz: Ed. Forum Stadtpark 1994
  • JB Slik, you asked for disco: a story is born. The oil number. (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 13) [as a contribution to the exhibition Biennale Trigon 1995 "Jörg Schlick founds the J. B. SLIK fan club", September 30–22. October 1995, (curated by Peter Weibel ) from the Neue Galerie at the Landesmuseum Joanneum]. Graz: Oehlen 1995
  • The departure number. (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 16) Published by monochrom and the Galerie Bleich Rossi, Vienna: edition mono 2006
  • The olive branch number. (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 17) Published by monochrom and the Galerie Bleich Rossi, Vienna: edition mono 2007
  • Very uncomfortable company. Die Gesundschlachtungsnummer (The central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge; 18) Published by monochrom , Vienna: edition mono 2014

Takeover (Lord Jim Loge powered by monochrom)

The "Lord Jim Logo (powered by monochrom)" wins the 2006 Coca-Cola Light Award.

At the beginning of December 2005, Jörg Schlick sold the Viennese artist group monochrom all brand and usage rights of the Lord Jim Loge , including the word mark “Lord Jim Loge”, the word and image mark “Sonne Busen Hammer” and the word mark “Nobody helps nobody ". monochrom thus actively took over the lodge and began to redesign it. The first step was the renaming to " Lord Jim Lodge (powered by monochrom) " and the publication of press releases and a new philosophy of the group based on "neoliberal inclusion", for example the rule that only men can be part of the lodge was abolished . This old rule would scare off potential female investors, which is no longer affordable. monochrom organized (supported by the art consulting agency Teyssandier - Springer ) a press conference in Berlin. The main issue here was the trademark and usage rights:

Without the consent of the owners of the trademark rights listed above, those works that contain elements of this trademark may not be subjected to any kind of work use. This mainly applies to reproductions and exhibitions. Legal steps are being examined against galleries such as the NGBK in Berlin, the Galerie Bleich-Rossi in Vienna and the Forum Stadtpark in Graz, which run the risk of violating these rights because of upcoming exhibitions. This approach creates the basis for franchising concepts and artistic "re-start-ups".

The aim of monochrom was to play through the strategies known from the corporate world such as " merger " and "healthy slaughter" in the field of art and to apply neoliberal strategies in the art world. The group therefore examined legal steps against galleries and museums such as MoMA in New York, as these, according to monochrom, were in danger of violating trademark and usage rights through the possession of works of art that bore the “Sonne Bosen Hammer” logo to violate. These “warnings” were only the first part of an ironic and deliberately aggressive series of projects that were carried out monochrome with the “Lord Jim Lodge”. They planned u. a. also to take over other precarious artist groups, such as Public Netbase (Institute for New Cultural Technologies, Vienna) and ubermorgen.com (including Prix ​​Ars Electronica 2005).

As a next step, monochrom tried to fulfill the wish expressed by the founding fathers of the Lord Jim Lodge in the 1980s to make the logo better known than Coca-Cola. It was also planned to raise money for an expansion of the lodge, which is why they participated in the 2006 "Coca-Cola Light Art Award" announced by Coca-Cola Austria and won 5000 euros. The logo of the Lodge was printed on 50,000 bottles of Coca-Cola Light and the prize money was used to have 12 oil paintings about the history of Lord Jim Lodge and the takeover by monochrom cheaply made in China. The proceeds from the sale of the oil paintings were then invested in other projects.

The “ Lord Jim Loge (powered by monochrom) ” project is continued in various forms to this day.


  • We're only in it for the brand equity. The takeover of the Lord Jim Lodge by monochrom , published in: Intellectual property and originality. On the politics of knowledge and culture production , editors: Odin Kroeger, Günther Friesinger , Paul Lohberger, Eberhard Ortland, Turia & Kant, Vienna, 2011, ISBN 978-3-85132-613-0 .


  • Petra and Ralph Schilcher (eds.): Memory - Remembering Jörg Schlick (1951–2005). Joseph Windisch art productions, Graz 2011.

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