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Max Kaser (born April 21, 1906 in Vienna ; † January 13, 1997 in Ainring ) was a lawyer , professor at the universities of Münster , Hamburg and Salzburg , member of several academic academies and ten-time honorary doctorates .


Max Kaser's schooling took place in the university towns where his father, the historian Kurt Kaser (1870–1931), lived. This was initially on “1. k. and k. Staatsgymnasium ”in Graz , at whose university Kurt Kaser taught from 1908 to 1914 and from 1921, as well as Czernowitz and Salzburg .

Max Kaser studied law from 1924 to 1928 in Graz, where one of his fellow students was Walter Wilburg , and Munich . In Munich he was a student of Leopold Wenger . The doctorate took place on November 19, 1928 with Artur Steinwenter in Graz. As a student of Ludwig Mitteis , both were under his academic influence. In 1929 he worked with Leopold Wenger in Munich and received an assistant position at the University of Gießen , where he completed his habilitation with Otto Eger in June 1931 . Then he was a lecturer and chair representative in Gießen and Frankfurt am Main .

From 1932 he taught as the successor to Hans Kreller , who had been called to Tübingen , at the University of Münster. In 1933 he was appointed full professor of civil and Roman law . In 1937 he was dean . He declined calls to Heidelberg (1937), Freiburg (1939) and Marburg (1940). He was initially exempted from military service because of a heart condition, from 1943 he was drafted into the air defense. After a period in captivity , Max Kaser resumed teaching in Münster in 1946. Even afterwards he turned down offers to the universities of Marburg (1949), Graz (1951), Göttingen (1952), Heidelberg (1956) and Vienna (1959).

From 1959 he was a professor at the University of Hamburg . In 1971 he retired and until 1976, after discussions with Theo Mayer-Maly and Wolfgang Waldstein, held a teaching position as honorary professor and representative of the chair for Roman and civil law at the University of Salzburg .

He has been a full member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences since 1959 and of the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 1972 . Since 1960 he has been an external member of the Accademia di Lettere e Scienze Turin and the Istituto Lombardo di Lettere e Scienze Milan, from 1968 of the Accademia di Scienze Politiche e Morali Naples, since 1971 of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei , and in 1988 of the Academy of Athens . In 1973 he became a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences , 1977 of the British Academy and 1975 honorary member of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies in London.



Max Kaser is considered the author of pioneering works on the way from ancient legal history to European private law . With his handbooks on Roman private law and civil procedural law, Max Kaser broke new ground in presenting legal material in its historical development and in processing and commenting on sources and literature using research methods developed in-house.

The Max Kaser Seminar at the University of Salzburg is named after him. The seminar's library, founded in 1966, consists of the working documents (books, offprints and magazines) from Ernst Levy , Erich Sachers and Max Kaser. It is kept up to date. His textbooks on private Roman law and Roman legal history achieved large print runs and have been translated into several languages, including Japanese and Korean. Kaser supervised the habilitations of Fritz Schwarz, Dieter Medicus , Hans Hermann Seiler , Hans-Peter Benöhr , Frank Peters , Rolf Knütel and Karl Hackl . From 1954 (volume 71) to 1972 (volume 89) Max Kaser was one of the editors of the Savigny Foundation's journal for legal history .

Publications (selection)

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