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Walter Selb (born May 22, 1929 in Munich ; † June 2, 1994 in Vienna ) was a lawyer , university professor and legal historian in Austria and Germany .


Selb's family moved to Speyer during his childhood . From 1940 he attended the humanistic grammar school there and began to learn Hebrew with Jakob Bisson .

In 1949 he began studying law in Heidelberg . At the same time, he expanded his language skills to Aramaic and Syriac . The orientalist Anton Schall , who had already dealt with the Syrian language in his dissertation, and the legal historian Wolfgang Kunkel had a decisive influence on his studies . In 1953 Walter Selb passed the trainee exam . In 1954 he became a doctor of law doctorate . The basis was a work from international private law . In 1957 the second state examination of the then judicial training in Germany took place. He then worked as a public prosecutor and assessor in Landau , and from 1961 as a judge at the regional court in Frankenthal .

In 1961 he became assistant to Gerardo Broggini , Wolfgang Kunkel's successor at the University of Heidelberg . In 1962 Walter Selb completed his habilitation with the work “On the meaning of the Syriac-Roman legal book ” for Roman law, ancient legal history and civil law. The topic of his habilitation lecture was " Concept of damage and recourse methods ". He then developed this topic into an independent book. After his habilitation, he briefly represented civil law at the University of Göttingen .

On June 1, 1963, Walter Selb was appointed full professor of Roman law at the University of Vienna . The basis for this was discussions between Wolfgang Kunkel, Heinrich Demelius and Fritz Schwind as part of the 1962 Legal History Conference. In Vienna he succeeded Theo Mayer-Maly , who had been appointed to the University of Cologne . Walter Selb's interdisciplinary scientific activity was one of the motives for appointing the 34-year-old as a full professor. His predecessor also had an interdisciplinary habilitation (Roman law and social security law). One of Walter Selb's first courses in Vienna was a seminar on the subject of “The current state of research in the legal history of the Mediterranean region”.

The Vienna Law Faculty remained his academic home. He turned down offers from the universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg, Munich and Bonn. The reason for this was private reasons and his residence in Gainfarn near Bad Vöslau and Baden near Vienna .

His scientific work was supported by research trips to Turkey ( Southeast Anatolia ) and Syria , which were aimed at researching the manuscripts of old legal texts (as in the monasteries of Tur Abdin ).

In 1968 he was dean of the faculty . In 1970 he became a corresponding member and in 1976 a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences . As secretary of the philosophical-historical class, he was part of the governing body of this academy. In 1974 he founded the Commission for Ancient Legal History as part of the Academy.

Walter Selb was married and had five children.


Walter Selb has worked scientifically in Roman law , ancient legal history , civil law in Austria and Germany, and social security law in Austria. In addition to his work as a university lecturer, he also worked as an expert on questions of civil law.

From his habilitation in 1962, his academic life was accompanied by research into the Syrian-Roman legal code . A three-volume annotated edition of this legal book, to which Walter Selb contributed the commentary and other essential parts, was published posthumously in 2002 by Hubert Kaufhold in the publishing house of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

In his academic teaching activities, Walter Selb worked at the Vienna Law Faculty for over 30 years. He held all relevant courses there, from special seminars to exercises for beginners and introductions. This made it a household name for generations of Viennese law students.


Walter Selb's list of publications comprises 18 pages, edited by Michael Memmer: Savigny Zeitschrift für Rechtsgeschichte, Romance Department (SZRom). 1995, Volume 112, pp. 770-788. The following works mark Walter Selb's main areas of work.

From the legal history works

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From the works on applicable law

  • Concept of damage and recourse methods. A study on the change in the ways of thinking about recourse among the majority of debtors with the change in the concept of damage . Heidelberg 1963.
  • The private law contract as an instrument for the provision of services in social insurance. Journal for Labor and Social Law-ZAS 1976, Issues 2 and 3, pp. 43–48 and 94–98. Elaborated version of the lecture given on March 5, 1976 at the Austrian Society for Labor and Social Law in Zell am See.
  • The relationships of the social security agencies to one another and to third parties. and international social security law. In: Theodor Tomandl (Ed.): System of Austrian social insurance law. Verlag Manz, Vienna 1978 ff, ISBN 978-3-214-12462-5 , sections 5 and 7.
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Literature and Obituaries

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