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Matthias Mala (born December 27, 1950 in Munich ) is a German author and artist .

In 1977 he gave up his trained profession as a hotel and commercial kitchen fitter and began his career as a freelance artist as a street painter. The preoccupation with batik techniques led him to fabric design. He designed fabric samples for furniture and decorations. In addition, he dealt with the development of games. Among other things, he invented over 100 games for pad and pencil. The publication of these games in 1986 was the cornerstone of his writing career. Other games and children's books followed very quickly. By linking play and mysticism in the form of lottery books, another focus of his writing was created. In particular, he devotes himself to white magic , which he describes as theurgy , about which he has published several works in the Peter Erd publishing house . published.

He also wrote radio plays, a play and comic texts. As a poet, he published in anthologies. He also devotes himself to haiku poetry, where he participates in anthologies at home and abroad. The main focus of his artistic work is traditional ink drawing.

To date, M. Mala has published 70 books, most of which he illustrated himself. Three radio plays were produced and one play was performed. There is a literary online project “Gegenüber”, in which at the turn of the millennium he described the view from the window of his study to the house across from him for a year.

He has been a member of the Association of German Writers (VS) since 1988, and has also been a member of the PEN Center Germany since May 2008 . Furthermore, from 2005 to 2008 he was a member of the state board of VS Bavaria.

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