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Lauersforter Phalerae, Burg Linn Museum Center , Krefeld

Medamus was a Toreut and silversmith who probably worked in the 1st century AD . Based on his name, it can be assumed that he was neither Greek nor Roman. The name is proven in both male and female form for the Iberian Peninsula . However, due to stylistic similarities with silver tableware that has been proven to be made in Gaul, a Gaulish origin is generally favored.

The name is passed down through the signature MEDAMI , which is applied several times in dotted letters , which can be found on most of the eleven decorations stamped from silver and attached to copper plates, which were made for a Roman legionnaire named Titus Flavius ​​Festus. This ensemble is now in the Berlin Collection of Antiquities (Inv.-No. Misc 8124) . This is a fragment of a bowl of honor with an oak wreath, a neck pendant with the image of a double sphinx and nine, partially fragmented, phalerae that were found on November 12, 1857 during drainage work on the Lauersfort manor in the Moers district. It is unclear whether the signature is the name of the master who carried out the work or the owner of the workshop.