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Skeleton reconstruction of Piatnitzkysaurus

Skeleton reconstruction of Piatnitzkysaurus

Temporal occurrence
Middle to Upper Jurassic ( Bathonian to Lower Tithonian )
168.3 to 147.7 million years


Dinosaur (dinosauria)
Lizard dinosaur (Saurischia)
Scientific name
Huxley , 1869

The Megalosauridae are a group within the theropod dinosaurs . The name goes back to the first scientifically described dinosaur Megalosaurus . For a long time, the megalosaurids were a "trash can group" in which all theropods that could not be clearly assigned to other families were placed. With increasing knowledge of theropods, more and more genera were assigned to other groups.

Live reconstruction of eustreptospondylus

Today the name Megalosauridae is rarely used in scientific literature and is then mostly limited to a few genera of massively built theropods from the Central Jurassic of Europe . One of the problems is the fragmentary knowledge of the genus Megalosaurus itself, which does not allow a satisfactory diagnosis of this family.

Most of the "classical" megalosaurs, including probably Megalosaurus itself, are now counted among the Spinosauroidea . In the popular literature, however, the name Megalosauridae is often found in its earlier form as the largest family of Carnosauria , which occurred from the Middle Jurassic to the Upper Jurassic.


Individual evidence

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