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Reconstruction of an irritator

Reconstruction of an irritator

Temporal occurrence
Middle Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous ( Bathonian to Cenomanian )
168.3 to 93.9 million years


Dinosaur (dinosauria)
Lizard dinosaur (Saurischia)
Scientific name
Stromer , 1915

The Spinosauroidea (also Megalosauroidea or Torvosauroidea ) are a group of theropod dinosaurs . They summarize the families of the Megalosauridae and Spinosauridae . A cladistic description of the taxon was made by Paul C. Sereno in 1998 and 2005. The Spinosauroidea are described in a stem-based definition as " Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and all taxa that share a younger ancestor than Passer domesticus (dem House sparrow) ".

The monophyly of this group is confirmed by features in the structure of the skull and humerus . While the Megalosauridae lived in the Jurassic , the Spinosauridae were predominantly inhabitants of the Cretaceous period .

The name Megalosauroidea is older, but for a long time it denoted a paraphyletic group according to today's knowledge , which is why the name Spinosauroidea is preferred today.

External system

Within the Theropoda, the Spinosauroidea belong to the Tetanurae ("stiff tails", due to the tail vertebrae connected by bone rods and thus stiffened) and are the sister group of the Avetheropoda , which are divided into the Carnosauria and the advanced Coelurosauria .

The systematic position of the Spinosauroidea shows the following cladogram :







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Internal system

The Spinosauroidea are divided into two subgroups, the mainly Jurassic Megalosauridae and the Spinosauridae, which lived mainly in the Cretaceous Period. Benson cladogram:





































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