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Fossil reconstruction of Monolophosaurus jiangi

Fossil reconstruction of Monolophosaurus jiangi

Temporal occurrence
Middle Jurassic to Upper Jurassic ( Callovium to Oxfordium )
166.1 to 157.3 million years
Dinosaur (dinosauria)
Lizard dinosaur (Saurischia)
Scientific name
Currie & Zhao , 1994
  • Monolophosaurus jiangi

Monolophosaurus was a theropod dinosaur discovered in rocks of the Shsishugou Formation in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Xinjiang and described by Currie and Zhao in 1994. Until it was described, it was known by the generic name Jiangjunmiaosaurus .

From a systematic point of view, Monolophosaurus belongs to the Tetanurae and lived about 166 to 157 million years ago in the late Middle and early Upper Jurassic . The biped (two-legged) locomotion lizard-pelvis dinosaur was carnivore (meat eater). The length of the theropod was about 5 meters , with the weight estimated at around 800 kilograms .

Monolophosaurus and Tuojiangosaurus in the Field Museum ( Chicago , Illinois)

A typical feature of Monolophosaurus was a single crest that was on top of its head. The dinosaur was named after this: The German translation of Monolophosaurus means "lizard with a comb".

Since the area around the site where the almost complete skeleton of Monolophosaurus was found was very watery during the Mesozoic Era, it is assumed that the theropod was mostly near water (for example on the banks of lakes or rivers).


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