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Meridian (lat. Circulus meridianus , midday circle ') stands for:

  • Meridian (astronomy) , also celestial meridian , a great circle on the celestial sphere, which runs through zenith, nadir and the celestial poles
  • Meridian (geography) , semicircle on the earth's surface running from the north to the south pole
  • Magnetic meridian , a line in the direction of the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic field
  • Meridian (TCM) , in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a path in the body in which the Qi (internal energy) flows
  • in knot theory : meridian of a knot

Meridian , in particular:


  • Meridian (brand) , brand of the Bavarian Oberlandbahn for their local trains between Munich, Holzkirchen, Rosenheim, Salzburg and Kufstein
  • Meridian (train) , former train connection between Berlin and Belgrade (temporarily to Bar and to Sofia)
  • DB class 445 (1998) , two-story test train marketed under the name "Meridian"

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