Meserve glacier

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Meserve glacier
location Victoria Land , East Antarctica
Mountains Asgard Range , Transantarctic Mountains
Type Hanging glacier
Coordinates 77 ° 31 ′  S , 162 ° 17 ′  E Coordinates: 77 ° 31 ′  S , 162 ° 17 ′  E
Meserve Glacier (Antarctica)
Meserve glacier
Meserve Gl in the western area of ​​the topographic map sheet

Meserve Gl in the western area of ​​the topographic map sheet

The Meserve Glacier is a glacier in East Antarctic Victoria Land . In the Asgard Range, it flows between the Bartley and Hart Glaciers into the Wright Valley .

It is one of the slowest flowing glaciers. He covers a maximum of half a centimeter per day. It takes about three months to travel one meter and in the last 90 years has not covered more than a third of a kilometer. In comparison, alpine glaciers reach a flow speed of 30 to 150 meters per year and in West Greenland there are glaciers that cover up to 7000 meters annually.

The American geologist Robert Leslie Nichols (1904-1995) named him after his compatriot and mountaineer William "Bill" Meserve, who helped him between 1959 and 1960 to explore Marble Point .

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