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Michael Fahlbusch (* 1957 ) is a Swiss geographer and historian .


Michael Fahlbusch completed his studies in geography, sociology and political science at the University of Münster in 1985 with a diploma as a geographer. In 1993 he was at the University of Osnabrück with a history of science thesis on the origins and history of the Foundation for German folk and cultural soil research in Leipzig 1920-1933 doctorate . His study Science in the Service of National Socialist Politics? was created in the context of the project funded by the German Research Foundation Die Volksdeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaften (VfG) in Germany from 1931–1945. He works as a freelance science historian in Basel. He has been a lecturer since 2011 and an Associate Researcher at the Historical Institute of the University of Bern since 2015 .

In 2005 his book German Scholars and Ethnic Cleansing, 1918–1945, which he edited together with Ingo Haar , received the “Choice Outstanding Book Of The Year Award” in the USA .

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