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Michael Rüsenberg at his jazzcity.de party in the Loft (Cologne) on January 17th, 2014

Michael Rüsenberg (* 1948 in Essen ) is a German music journalist , author and sound artist .

Live and act

Rüsenberg completed a commercial apprenticeship and has lived in Cologne since 1969 , where he graduated from high school in order to then study theater, film and television studies as well as sociology and philosophy. He is the co-author of three social science studies on concert audiences of different genres in the 1970s and 1980s.

Rüsenberg has been active as a journalist since 1970, initially for Club 17 of the Kölnische Rundschau . Then he wrote for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Süddeutsche Zeitung as well as currently for the Frankfurter Rundschau . He has been active in radio since 1973; mainly on WDR 3 and moderated programs such as In Between on WDR 2 and Jazzcity on WDR 5 . In addition, he also worked as a television journalist at times; For the documentary film Schöne Poesie ist Krampf im Klassekampf, Essener Songtage 1968 received the Adolf Grimme Prize with silver in 1989 (together with Joachim Rüsenberg ). Together with Christian Wagner he produced the Albert Mangelsdorff role (a four and a half hour documentary that ran in 2000 at the Rockpalast ).

Since 1991 Rüsenberg has also been involved in sound art as a composer and radio play author . In his works, he assumes original sounds, which he condenses through montage. For example, for Peter Hölscher's [orange] scape, he developed a Maghrebinia soundscape composed of sounds from the Maghreb .

Rüsenberg received the WDR-Jazzpreis 2015 in the category “Ehrenpreis” “for an outstanding journalistic life's work”.

Discographic notes

  • Michael Rüsenberg / Hans Ulrich Werner: Lisboa - a soundscape portrait ZwergProductions, 1994
  • Michael Rüsenberg / Hans Ulrich Werner, Francisco López, Pedro Elias: Madrid - a soundscape collective ZwergProductions, 1995
  • Michael Rüsenberg La Palma - a soundscape excursion ZwergProductions, 1997
  • Michael Rüsenberg Roma - a soundscape remix noteworks , 1998
  • Michael Rüsenberg Cologne Bridge Symphony noteworks, 1999
  • Norbert Stein : PataMaroc Patamusic, 1999
  • Michael Rüsenberg: essen.momente RealAmbient, 2002
  • Michael Rüsenberg: La Défense - stage urbain RealAmbient, 2003


Michael Rüsenberg 2014
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