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The WDR Jazz Prize is an award for jazz musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia .

Background, selection process and award winners' concerts

The annual award has WDR - radio donated in the year of 2004. In addition to a prize for improvisers, a prize for jazz composers is always awarded. Both are endowed with a prize sum of 10,000 euros each. In addition, since 2006 the jury has been awarding a special prize for outstanding school and educational projects in jazz (5000 euros annually). In addition, there is an honorary award with which people and institutions are honored who have made a contribution to jazz in Germany .

The selection of the winners was based (until 2019) on a competition in which musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia with outstanding achievements in the areas of composition or improvisation can take part. The winners were selected by an independent jury. This is initially composed of representatives of jazz criticism, the jazz associations and the jazz specialist editorial team on WDR radio. In addition to the specialist editorial team (and three of its authors), it now includes two previous award winners, representatives of two venues and jazz organizers in North Rhine-Westphalia and the director of the city of Gütersloh.

The selected compositions from among the submitted compositions will be recorded with the WDR Big Band. In addition, the winners and their work were presented in a radio concert that took place until 2011 as part of the jazz.cologne festival at the Funkhaus in Cologne and between 2013 and 2019 was part of the then newly initiated WDR-3 Jazz Festival, which " a pearl in the jazz diaspora ”, but was discontinued when jazz editor Bernd Hoffmann left .

Award winners

Individual evidence

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