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Michael Harry Repacholi (born June 30, 1944 ) is an Australian physicist , biologist and radiation protection expert.

Prof. Repacholi studied physics and radiation biology at the University of Western Australia (1965), the University of London (1969) and the University of Ottawa (1980). During his studies, he did an internship with the Australian Atomic Energy Commission. In 1965 he became a radiation protection physicist first in the state X-Ray Laboratory in Perth , and in the following years in various Australian and Canadian hospitals. In 1991 he took over the management of a multi-year research program on possible health damage in children caused by non-ionizing radiation. 1988–1990 Repacholi was President of the Australian Radiation Protection Association, 1989–1991 Chairman of the Australian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine . He was also involved in the Australian, Canadian and Italian radiation protection authorities. He was a founding member and from 1988-1992 chaired the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee , the predecessor organization of the ICNIRP . In 1995 Repacholi took over the INTERSUN project at the WHO . 1992–1996 he was the chairman of the ICNIRP, since then he has been honorary chairman. Most recently Repacholi was coordinator of the Radiation and Environmental Health Unit of the World Health Organization and until 2006 headed the International Advisory Committee in the EMF project of the WHO (EMF = electromagnetic fields).

Mike Repacholi lectures worldwide and has taught at La Sapienza (University of Rome) and at the Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture in Erice (Sicily). In 2006 he retired.

Repacholi, whose study published in 1997 on the increased development of cancer in mice treated with cell phone radiation received great attention, was formerly considered the key witness of the cell phone opponents. For a number of years, however, he has taken the position that cell phone radiation within the limit values ​​poses no danger, which has resulted in personal attacks by cell phone opponents.

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